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Cents Savvy - Your Financial Resource

3/22/2016 - Hello Cents Savvy readers! Welcome to my world of personal finance! I'm so excited I finally started this blog about all things money. Over the years, I've listened to family, friends, and peers discuss their personal finance issues. Over and over I hear the same things: "I have to budget better," "I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck forever," "My credit is bad and I don't know how to fix it." It got me thinking about how much I love all these topics, and maybe I could create a place where these issues could be addressed. This blog will be a place where you can learn all the basics about managing your money better. I will be writing on a variety of finance topics and also would love you all to tell me about your "Financial Wins." If you ever want me to talk about a specific finance topic, email me your thoughts. With that, I thank you for your support and hope this blog will help you understand your finances better than before.

About Us

"Cents Savvy's mission is to be the top comprehensive personal & small business finance resource for those working towards building financial independence, security, and most importantly wealth."

Cents Savvy is a financial literacy company offering financial management, credit repair & rebuilding, tax preparation service & planning, small business accounting, and life/health insurance services. Cents Savvy is an online tool for anyone who is interested in becoming savvy about their finances. Americans now more than ever are accumulating substantial personal debt, are living above their means, and are not properly preparing for their financial future. We see this in the extended period of time people are working past the "standard retirement age." Cents Savvy is a place for people to gain a basic understanding of personal financial concepts and to get tips to continue down a path of personal financial security.

We are the best person to reach out to when it comes to managing your money and debts and helping you develop a budget. We got into this business because we saw the industry was preventing good people from getting their lives back on track. The vast majority of people that have credit issues have come by them in a situation of duress (divorce, job loss, illness, etc). Then, when they get the situation corrected their credit is preventing them from moving forward with their lives as quickly as possible.

Improve Your Credit SIMPLY, QUICKLY, and AFFORDABLY in Cents Savvy Credit Counseling Belleville Michigan, nothing else, because we believe in being the best there is in our field. If you find yourself in need to restore good credit with our proven step-by-step process, support team, and legal assistance in Belleville Michigan, call us right away.

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