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Let's make sense of it all and change the way we manage our cents...Welcome

Hello Cents Savvy readers! Welcome to my world of personal finance! I'm so excited I finally started this blog about all things money. Over the years, I've listened to family, friends, and peers discuss their personal finance issues. Over and over I hear the same things: "I have to budget better," "I dont want to live paycheck to paycheck forever," "My credit is bad and I don't know how to fix it." It got me thinking about how much I love all these topics, and maybe I could create a place where these issues could be addressed. This blog will be a place where you can learn all the basics about managing your money better. I will be writing on a variety of finance topics and also would love you all to tell me about your "Financial Wins." If you ever want me to talk about a specific finance topic, email me your thoughts. With that, I thank you for your support and hope this blog will help you understand your finances better than before.