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About Cents Savvy

"Cents Savvy's mission is to be the top comprehensive personal & small business finance resource for those working towards building financial independence, security, and most importantly wealth."

Cents Savvy is a financial literacy company offering financial management, credit repair & rebuilding, tax preparation service & planning, small business accounting, and life/health insurance services.  Cents Savvy is an online tool for anyone who is interested in becoming savvy about their finances.  Americans now more than ever are accumulating substantial personal debt, are living above their means, and are not properly preparing for their financial future.  We see this in the extended period of time people are working past the "standard retirement age."  Cents Savvy is a place for people to gain a basic understanding of personal financial concepts and to get tips to continue down a path of personal financial security.


About Tiffany V.

I've always been passionate about personal finance.  I graduated earning a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and a Masters in Accountancy from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) and am a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  I decided to start Cents Savvy because as a young married professional, my husband and I are continuing to learn about our personal finances and how to make better decisions now to benefit our family in the future.  I hope you enjoy the site and I thank you for reading.

Tiffany V. CPA

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