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"All The Way Up" - Building Credit The RIGHT WAY

A low credit score can prevent you from qualifying for attractive interest rates on a loan and also limit your options when applying for a credit card. The great news is that just because you have a low credit score currently doesn't mean it will stay that way forever or take forever to re-build. As long as you become more responsible with your spending and take steps to below to re-build your credit report, it’s possible to give that low credit score a boost. Here are some essential steps to build credit the RIGHT WAY:

1. Make on-time payments a priority

Missed payments and payments that are more than 90 days past due take their toll on your credit score. Making sure all payments are made on time needs to be a high priority. Consider making use of auto-pay options with creditors and service providers so you never miss a due date and always make sure there are enough funds in the funding account to avoid overdraft fees.

2. Work with a financial advisor or credit repair specialist

I'm NOT talking about those "I'll fix your credit in 30 days for thousands of dollars" specialists (#TeamNoScammers). It does take time to rebuild your credit. A reputable credit repair specialist or financial advisor who has the knowledge and tools needed to help you build your credit can be the right way to go. He or she might make use of a credit repair business software program that makes it easy to order credit reports, analyze credit history, check your credit report for errors, and make recommendations to help build your credit.

3. Check the credit report for errors

Any mistakes on the credit report can lower your credit score. Make sure to check your credit report at least once a year to