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"Jingle Sales, Jingle Sells?" - Holiday Shopping Tips

Pre-Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturdays, and Cyber Monday. Holiday shopping season is upon us. Going to the gas station after Thanksgiving dinner to grab a newspaper to see all the sales papers has been a staple of my holiday shopping kickoff for years. This time of year can be so overwhelming that many forget to take the time to stop and think before we shop. We look up and say "what just happened?" Well no more. I want us to be Holiday season successful by purchasing and swiping responsibly. The best defense to runaway holiday spending is a good financial defense.

The Budget

The most helpful step in planning your holiday shopping is to establish a realistic budget based on your current cash flow and financial obligations. This should be easy to identify if you have a monthly financial plan you monitor (Need help setting up your financial plan? Check out the "Tools" page). If you don't, you will need to identify your current monthly income and expenses, which will guide your spending plan. It is important that once you create a budget you stick to it. Here are tips for creating your holiday budget:

  • Make a list of who you're buying gifts for

  • Determine your current monthly income and expenses in order to recognize how much money you will have left over to put towards the holidays.

  • Once you make your budget of how much you can spend, allocate that amount to the people on your list.

  • Do not go into the stores unprepared and fall into the trap of impulse buying. Plan your trip and gifts out in advance and stick to your plan.

Money Saving Tips

1) "Cashin' Thru the Store" - One of the best ways to watch how much you ar