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Why Work with Michigan's Cents Savvy to Start Your Business?

"With over 13 years of Certified Public Accountant Experience, I've assisted thousands of new business owners to start their businesses the right way by teaching them the mission-critical steps to start their business. I've put all the small business coaching sessions and consultations into a 29+ Lessons Course for you!"

-Tiffany V., CPA

Ready to start your own business?


Tiffany Vaughn, Certified Public Accountant is here to show you how to get it done. Whether you’re starting a small business, service-oriented company, or product-oriented company, she will show you how to get everything in place to create your business.


During this course, she will be walking you through the critical steps in getting your business set up, along with tips and tools she used to set up her own business. This course will show you how to register your business, create your web presence, apply and build business credit, and more. For anyone just starting out, this is the perfect course to take you to step by step through the process that’ll save you time and help you get it done right!

Even if you’ve been in business a while and want to grow, having the steps in place we will discuss during the course will help you stay organized and continue to grow. She will also be showing you exactly how to go about completing each step with guided modules with files and documents for your reference.

Additionally, as an advocate for financial literacy, we’ve included 10 FINANCIAL BONUS GUIDES to help you continue to build your financial independence!

This will surely be a great investment in your business!

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Cents Savvy Business Fast-track Consultation

Small Business is an idea that appeals to many, but guessing how to jump to it can occasionally be so overwhelming it frightens people away. What should you sell? Whom should you sell to? How will you get customers? Thinking about what you should sell? and many more.

If that’s not enough, every other week there seems to be a new business trend online. There are chatbots, Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, and many more. What should you pay attention to? What matters?


If you’re serious about opening a small business, stop overthinking and start putting in the work to make it happen.

We want to make sure you’re getting the right level for your needs, so we want to talk to you first. Get a one-on-one consultation and strategy sessions with me to help determine where you are at and where you want to go so we can

find the level that is the right fit to help you achieve your goals.